[Manyvids] Stella Liberty - Higher Education

Cast: Stella Liberty
Custom: Stella's grades aren't up to par so her teacher calls her in for a meeting to discuss her future. Per usual, Stella is late because she was doing an instagram story and got caught up chatting with her fans. Teacher is not amused. He tells her the only way she can make it up to him is to receive some old fashioned discipline. Stella plays along knowing very well that it is teacher who will be disciplined and he won't even see it coming. She tricks him into letting her slide into her favorite rubber gloves before he canes her, not knowing that the industrial rubber gloves give her special powers to control and dominate any man she sees fit. Before he knows it he is under her spell and she has wrapped her gloved hands around his mouth and neck. She tells him that he will raise her grade or she will punish his family and make him watch. She records video and photos of what she is doing to him to share with her fans because they love to see her dominate pathetic losers.
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