(JimSlip) Lola Taylor - Muscovite Fucked In Uniform!

Genre: SD /Blonde, Hairy Pussy, Tattoo, High Heels, Small Tits, Stockings, School Girl, POV, Masturbation, Ass Fingering, Oral, Straight, Doggystyle

Members will have seen sex mad Lola modelling the two universally loved outfits that drives us guys mad. The classic English sexy school uniform and the American college girl uniform. Well, being a true patriot, I naturally chose the English 6th form school girl look, as seen by all in the old St. Trinians movies. That is no reflection on the sexiness of the American College girl ensemble. In an ideal world one would sew both uniforms together so when a girl turns one way she appears as an English school girl and turns the other way and appears as her American counterpart! Anyway, you will have gathered you could have put Lola in a bin liner and she still would have been sex crazed, so when I made my decision we carried on the camcorder capers until I tired of this and asked Lara Latex to take the camcorder, so we could carry on fucking o...

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Duration: 00:22:37
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