Shona River - Novel Romance (04.06.2018)

Cast:........... Shona River
Title:........... Novel Romance
Studio:........... NubileFilms
Year:........... 2018
Tags:........... Small Boobs, Blonde, Long hair, Bras, Panties, Lingerie, Masturbation, Thongs, High Heels, Evening wear, Girl-Boy, Blowjob, European, Handjob, Deep Throat, Big Dick, Pussy Licking, Passion
Duration:........... 00:20:23
Description:........... A sheer bra is easily visible beneath Shona River's gaping robe as the hot blonde reads a romance novel while enjoying the sun. Her lingerie and high heels make her feel sexy as hell as she caresses her tits and tugs her thong to the side to tantalize her meaty pussy. The touch of her fingers on her clit are just what Shawna craves. The only thing that would be even better would be some attention from Ryan Driller.Delivering breakfast with a kiss, Ryan returns to the kitchen to clean up. Shona eventually grows tired of waiting and joins him inside to let him know with a kiss exactly what she wants. Ryan is quick to settles his hands on Shona's pump rump that is shown off to perfection by her thong. That's all the invitation the windblown blonde needs to drop to her knees and rub Ryan's boner to full harndess.Springing Ryan's erection free, Shona, is quick to take it in her soft grasp to stroke his shaft. Leaning in to lap at the head of her boyfriend's dick, Shona gradually takes more and more in her mouth. She loves sucking cock and it shows with the enthusiasm that she delivers her blowjob.Climbing to her feet again, Shona finds herself on the counter so Ryan can feast on her small tits and plunge his fingers deep into the weeping wetness of her trimmed pussy. Ryan eventually works his way down Shona's body, kissing and licking all the way until he breathes in the musk of her arousal. Leaning in, he licks her clean of her dewy juices and then keeps on teasing as Shona moans and giggles.When Shona turns around so that her bottom wiggles enticingly before Ryan, he takes her up on her invitation and slides inside until he's balls deep in her juicy snatch. The position is perfect, especially after Shona lifts one leg onto the counter to change up the angle of pration from behind.Things get even better when Ryan takes a seat on a chair and pulls Shona into his lap.

Information line:__Format:... mp4///Duration:... 00:20:23///Resolution:... 960x540///Size:... 294.03MB


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